Remembering Smiles

School Friends

Once Layla resumes school, she is greeted by five very different characters.

1) Natayla Sparks (Lily Cole): Shy, quiet, and a book worm; Natalya is barely recognized. However, her amazing personality and honesty earns her alot of trust and respect from her friends.

2) Francesca Caruso (Nicola Peltz) Your typical teen. She is neither the leader of the group or the one who falls in the back. She's simple minded, loves her friends, and an easy person to talk to.

3) Jordan Kennedy (Mila Kunis): Loud mouthed, crazy, and loves to be the center of attention! Will take the spotlight from anyone, including her friends, which causes a slight tension between her and Juliannah. However, when it comes down to it- Jordan can be a very good friend.

4) Brooklyn Davis (Skylar Samuels): The quietest and least active of the group. She has a rough background which you will learn about as you read and it causes some anger in her. Brooklyn will show her emotion with no problem, but is very quiet.

4) Juliannah Ward (Mischa Barton): Almost exactly like Jordan which causes the constant arguing between the two